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About the duck

 Why the Duck? The story starts in the mid-60's when the Montreal police were about to lose control of the city to corruption and street gangs. A small special unit the Rubber Duck Squad managed to reclaim the control of the streets with creative and innovative concepts. Taking a page from their playbook, our small bartending unit is ready to take the nightlife by storm. The Rubber Duck Squad would like to welcome you to the Coldroom.



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Daniel Boulianne - (Human resources/customer experience)

After making a name for himself behind one of Montreal's OG cocktail bars, la Distillerie, and by having done multiple shocking cocktail presentations through many competitions, Dan now brings his knowledge and knowhow to the heart of the Coldroom. Maybe not as much behind the bar anymore,however, you will probably see him hidden in a corner making sure everything is going smooth, fixing the dishwasher or calling any or all technical supports for something. He is also the main person behind those blues & rock playlist that you can hear while enjoying a good cocktail at the Coldroom. If not at Coldroom, he is either getting punched in the face while boxing or walking his famous dog Missy.


Canadian Champion - Bols Geniever (2015)

National Finalist - Bombay Most Imaginative (2017). 

National Finalist - Auchentoshan New Malt Order (2017)



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Aidan Lavoie-Whittall - (Head Bartender)

There is so much to say about the stunning Aidan. He came here from the far away land of Ottawa and was the first ever person to pass an interview to work at The Coldroom. He was born through the fire of our opening day:September 21st 2016, as a junior, and has since then rose as one of the pillars on which our bar stands today. Now, head bartender with more than 6 years experience in the industry, his cocktails are like the arrows of a competitive archer, they always hit the bullseye.  Little did we know that even though he is a spirit enthousiast and a wine connoisseur, Aidan is a fervent collector of shoes which got him an interview for a shoe magazine.For us, he is one of our main players on the basketball court despite not wearing the afro anymore with his sick golden banana bike.


National Finalist - Beefeater mixldn (2017)

National Finalist - Havana Club Grand Prix (2017)

National Finalist - Diageo Wolrdclass (2019)



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Samuel Kirk (Bar Manager)

Hailing from way down under, Copacabana in Australia, international bartending sensation Sam cut his teeth in the dives and nefarious drinking houses of East London. His time involved moonlighting as a bathtub gin distiller and part time chemist. Returning triumphantly home to Sydney, Sam felt that a spell of the books bartending was in order. He then learnt the most important lessons in bartending; how to make a pun for every cocktail name and how to make 15 espresso martinis in one go. No man to rest on his laurels, Sam decided he wanted the world, and adventure, and to see what it's like to make a cocktail at -30 celsius. Montreal is now his home. You can find him in the depths of the Coldroom, since early 2017, churning out all sorts of wild libations that will make you exclaim "FOH!".


Winner - Made with Booze 2018-2019

National finalist U.K. - Bombay Most Imaginative Bartender 2015

National finalist U.K. - Gin Mare 2015



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Nicolae Arman (Bartender)

 Cultivated in Russia, Nicolae ended up in Montreal after living in multiple countries. His passion for stories and cocktails is only matched by his obsession for wordplay. He started in the industry 5 years ago, at 19yo and went from barback to acrobatic bartender while working at Le Lab. He’s been with us since summer 2017 and if he’s not looking at the stars in the sky, he is smoldering us with a mysterious eye.


Regional Winner - Lot40 (2017)

Winner - Hennessy (2017)

Finalist - Kocktail Kombat (2017-2018)

Winner - Mondial de Cidres (2018)



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Mathias Simonin (Waiter)

 Sweet like chocolate, addictive like cheese and a fresh smile like the Swiss Alps, Mathias has been with us since early 2018 with 2 years experience in the industry. This sassy Swiss boy from spanish descent will make you see a whole new world. The way to his heart you asked? Motorcycle, ski, overproof rum and raclette would be the perfect night.



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Bastien Rémilleux (Bartender)

 Fairly new to the cocktail bartending industry yet spent the last 7 years close to the scene. Bastien added himself to our team in early spring 2018 and has, since then, shown how much of a fan for dad jokes and doubtful puns he is. He was once known as the chalkboard guy, but now, when he is not planning a social daytime activity for bartenders, you can find him riding his bicycle on St-Laurent, climbing in some bouldering centers or enjoying a cold beer in parc Lafontaine. His charm and hair flow are legendary amongst the bartending elite. But on an everyday basis, he takes great pride in being part of the Montreal bartending community.


Finalist - Made with Booze 2017-2018



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Cindy Lam (Bartender)

Our smallest bundle of joy, Cindy joined us in early spring 2018 and what she lacks in size she makes up in terrible dad jokes. Her spirit animal is a T-Rex: small arms, a loud growl and really aggressive if hungry. Her determination got her the position she wanted and when she applied, we were to scared to say no to her and there isn’t a day that we regret that decision. Speaks 4 languages and will make you laugh in each one. Be careful, she’ll make you want to stay all night with her amazing customer service.


Winner - Chandon Mixology Competition (2019)


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Jonathan Elbaz (Bartender)

After more than 8 years in the bar industry and 5 of them as management, Jon has become a renowned bartender from our industry. This half Chilean half Moroccan beauty joined us on the summer of 2018 and has, since then, consistently delivered an amazing experience to our guests. If Jon is not at work showing his passion for bartending, he is either spending quality time with his young daughter or doing sports such as yoga, muay thai, rock climbing and much more through the Bartender Fitness League. A league which he founded to promote healthy lifestyle in this hectic industry.


Regional Winner - Made with love (2014)

Winner - St-James rhum compétition (2015)

National Finalist - Diageo WorldClass Eastern canada (2015-2018)



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Kevin Krupa (Waiter/Host)

Involved in the culinary world for close to a decade, Kevin always had an unquenchable thirst for cocktails. Using his creative, knowledgeable and hospitable approach, it was only a matter of time before he started mixing cocktails. If he’s not kicking back with an old-fashioned in hand; Kevin can be found doing stand-up comedy around the city, running his own productions company and working for the Montreal Alouettes.




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Gaspard Jauzion (Apprentice)

One of our newest recruit, and also our youngest member, Gaspard will strike you with his contagious smile and joie de vivre. Born and raised in Montreal, he had the opportunity to travel different places in the world which gave him a great maturity despite his young age. Recently finished his cocktail training at ITHQ with only great comments from his teacher, you’ll either find him studying everything about cocktails or playing some drums on his spare time.



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David Houlette (Bartender)

Born in the land of Calvados in Normandie, France; David joined our team in winter 2018 with 5 years experience. He trained himself in London from a renowned 5 star hotel, cocktail club and cocktail bars. Spending his first year in Canada, he is still adjusting to our hard weather, despite being a passionate skier. Otherwise, don’t trust his pokerface, he is one of the funniest person and will make you some mean cocktail creation.



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Kevin Demers (Mastermind/Owner)

Kevin Demers has been part of the bar industry for more than a decade now and always does his best to bring the community further. After many years of bartending and many competitions titles behind him, he decided to open The Coldroom in 2016, a venue where the priority is hospitality but where the standards are as high as they can be for the team. The bar has become one of the go-to for tourism and locals alike, Kevin wanted to create a new experience, something never seen. In 2018, he opened El Pequeno, which is the smallest bar in Quebec (mto be confirmed in Canada as well) with a maximum of 9 guests at the same time, in a old Havana hotel atmosphere. He is also the founder of the Montreal Cocktail Initiative which created the Montreal Cocktail, a modern classic that was presented at Tales of the Cocktail in 2017. Kevin is the kind of man who can’t stay still for long, so there is always something else on the way… Keep your eyes and ears open just in case.


Regional Winner - Bombay Most Imaginative Bartender (2014)

Canadian Winner - Bombay Most Imaginative Bartender (2015)

National Finalist - Bombay Most Imaginative Bartender (2017)




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