Meet The Squad

About the duck

You might be asking why the Duck? That story goes back to the 70’s, when the Montreal police were about to lose control of the city because of corruption. That’s where a small unit (rubber duck squad) decided to take the nightlife by storm. The Coldroom decided to take a part of there playbook, we are a small bartending unit ready to take the nightlife by storm with our creativity and innovative concepts. The rubber duck squad would like to welcome you to the Coldroom.




Daniel Boulianne - (General Manager)

Coming from one of the OG cocktails bars in the Montreal scene (La Distillery), Dan's knowledge and know how is bringing what The Coldroom is all about. Good times, Good Cocktails and Good people. 



Pierre-hugues Marois - (Head Bartender)

Still young in the industry and  underrated, "Pistol Pete" Pierre-Hugues cocktail sense is just as strong as his customer service. Always smiling and a positive energy, Which embodies the beautifully crafted cocktail menus that he oversees. 


Aidan Lavoie-Whittall - (Bartender)

Hailing out of Ottawa,  Aidan is the Little brother of the bunch, but defiantly not overshadowed by the presence of his big brothers. His knowledge is uncanny for his age. Ask him for a cocktail creation and your taste buds will be guided into an abyss of flavour.


Oli Arsenault-Dionne (Bartender)

Details coming soon

Sabrina Mailhot (Bartender)

Hailing from small town of Quebec named Victoriaville. Sabrina has been in the service industry for 11 years. Working her way up behind the wood  from the Dish-pit she's proven herself to be a force to be reckon with in the Montreal cocktail scene. Very involved in the community and always trying to raise the bar for her and those around her. 


Phil Pfluger (Waiter/Bartender)

Details coming soon


Nicolae Arman (Bartender)

Details coming soon

Damon Nickel (Apprentice)

Coming from Edmonton, Alberta. Damon started in the bar industry in 2013 and knew it was something he wanted to excel at. Serving drinks and exceeding expectations came natural for him so he came to The Coldroom in August 2017 to start as an apprentice and show us that he knows hospitality is where it starts. 


Kevin Demers (Owner)

With fifteen years of experience, Kevin Demers is no stranger to the hospitality industry. From his early days at Thursday’s, to bars on the Plateau and hotels and supper clubs in the Old Port, he has seen it all. In recent years, through competition Kevin has proven himself by being able to push the limits of his creativity and impress judges with his knowledge, skill, and charisma.

In 2016 Kevin opened Montreal’s Coldroom bar in the Old Port. The Coldroom has quickly become a go-to destination for tourists, celebrities and locals alike.


Sam Kirk (Bartender)

Hailing from way down under, international bartending sensation Sam cut his teeth in the dives and nefarious drinking houses of East London. His time involved moonlighting as a bathtub gin distiller and part time chemist. Returning triumphantly home to Sydney, Sam felt that a spell of on the books bartending was in order. Here Sam learnt the most important lessons in bartending, how to make a pun for every cocktail name and how to make 15 espresso martinis in one go. No man to rest on his laurels, Sam decided he wanted the world, he wanted adventure, he wanted to see what its like to make a cocktail at -30 degrees. Montreal is now his home, you can find him in the depths of the Coldroom, churning out all sorts of wild libations that will make you exclaim "FOH!".


Vicky Lalonde

Details coming soon


Lucy Thompson

Our charming maritimer, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Lucy’s knowledge and passion for cocktails, wine and spirits paired with her bubbly personality will have you excited for whatever your choice of drink is. 


Derek Gouin

Details coming soon