House Rules

1- The bartender is the boss.

2- Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Easy. If the idea seems a bit complicated, please take a look at the following steps on how to better yourself as a human being.

3- Please keep all yelling, cursing and singing attempts for the Karaoke bars.

4- The preparation of a quality drink takes quality time. Patience is a virtue.

5- No drinks outside, ever. Not even for a smoke. It's the law.

6-  Please act your age, or you'll be required to come back accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

7- Respect our neighbours. Keep the volume down when outside as not to disturb those who are trying to sleep.

8- Please excuse yourself from the bar for all phone calls, and before that one too many Chartreuse moment.

9 - For all make out purposes, may we suggest our next door neighbour The William Grey hotel? Get a room.

10 - Lastly, for any question, concern or disagreement regarding these rules, please see rule 1.